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This is the “Youthify and Modernize Kenya” website

Welcome to the official website of the “Youthify and Modernize Kenya ” Campaign, the cause that informs the candidature of Prof. Michael Wainaina, PhD., for President of the Republic of Kenya, 2017.

Prof. Wainaina believes that the only way to achieve change, sustainable progress and modernization in Kenya is to inspire & invest in a new generation of young men and women - to youthify. In the “Youthify and Modernize Kenya” Campaign, Prof. Wainaina imagines a partnership between honest men and women to make youth and the youth the engine and drivers of transformation in the Country. He has committed to inspiring and investing in a new generation of youth who will lead this Country towards our stated intention.

The INTENTION of the “Youthify and Modernize Kenya” Campaign is to leapfrog Kenya from an underdeveloped 3rd World Country into a developed 1st World Country in less than a generation.

Prof. Michael Wainaina believes that this intention is achievable only by investing in a new generation, predominantly young, quintessentially new and unwaveringly patriotic. He further opines that this is the only viable hope in providing an alternative leadership, a fresh start, a different political dispensation for the realization of the intention.

My Journey and my Candidature

I find it very difficult to define myself.

The question “Who am I?” has baffled thinkers and philosophers for millenia and remains a huge mystery.

First, it assumes the possibility of self-knowledge without regard to the problematics of knowing.

Secondly it assumes an objectively knowable “I”, the paradox here being that the ``known`` is the ``knower``. Alive to the complexities of resolving these epistemological jigsaws (existential maybe?), I have chosen to defer the question, but still retain a healthy respect for people who say they ``know`` themselves. Unable to resolve or unaware of the problematics of ``knowing`` and ``being``, there is often a tendency to confuse what we ``do`` with who we ``are``.

My life experience though is describable and definable. In its streamlined predictability, it would excusably sound rather mundane and uninspiring. It has been shaped predominantly by my life in Academia.